Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Project '7Dayprojects'

So I've decided to start this blog due to the lack of motivation and creative thinking myself and my brother have lost after finishing University. I feel my traditional skills as an artist has been lost in the world of 3d, so I've decided that by improving my skills as a traditional artist will also improve my skills as a 3d artist and keep my creative imagination running. 

The key idea to this blog is to help keep your brain motivated by completing small art projects in 7 Days. Each week a short brief will be selected and it is up to you however you want to portray your idea wether it be a drawing, painting (traditional/digital), sculpture, 3d model etc etc etc. This process will help keep you in practice of the pressures and deadlines we will all hopefully have in our future careers as designers. This practice will also  push you to research and help you socialise with other artists with different art backgrounds to help critique each others work. This will help every individual to become a better artist and learn a lot more about the different styles and techniques that other people use. I don't want people to feel threatened by putting up work that they think others may not like. This is all for fun and the idea is to make you a better artist.

You may think ' how will this motivate me?' well for some it may not, but hopefully the idea that there is a little bit of competition and pressure will push people to join in. Im starting this as a small blog but i hope it can grow into something big. People can use the blog to keep track of  their work and be able to use the blog as part of their own portfolio.
You may not like a certain project one week but you will not always be faced with projects you enjoy in the real world but its about making the best out of a situation.

So it is now up to you wether you join in or not but if you are doing nothing else WHY NOT ?

If you are interested in joining please go on the blog and simply follow the simple instructions.


Hope to see your work 


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