Friday, 24 May 2013

Taking tiny steps in ZBrush

So i decided to try out zbrush as all the magazines and tutorials i go through have endless articles on them and i fancied the look of some of the unique features that the program has to offer. One of the main features i particularly like is the fiber mesh which just helps add that much more realism in sculpts for producing hair, fur and so on. So after doing a 6 hour tutorial from digital tutors on the program this was my first result from it. Having some practice in mudbox has helped me with the whole basis of sculpting which i feel helped me keep a good standard of work. This is screen shots of it rendered very basic. Its created from z spheres and i like the overall result. I plan to improve my anatomy skills and make them more visible in my future sculpts. I have not took much detail into topology but i will take this step also in future sculpt. Any advice and comments would be much appreciated.

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