Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mudbox messing

Hi thought i would keep you all up to date with what i've been up to recently. I've had a bit of spare time recently so i thought i would play about in mudbox and just see where it takes me. Both of these characters were modelled and textured in mudbox and they both took 3 hours to do. I'm trying to get used to working fast to improve my efficiency. Im pretty happy with the outcomes and may go back to them at some point to increase detail or may just use them to show my progression as 3d artist.

The first one had no really thought to it i was just playing around and decided for him to have a hole in his head and a metal mask on. I would like to go back and detail the brain alot more but may do some reading up on mudbox about using different objects due to the lack of resolution i had for it as i just used the same mesh. I had fun with the blood adds a really nice grim look to it.

The second one i did was a monkey/ape and as i enjoyed using the stencils and paint brushes to do blood in the last one i decided to give my ape a twist. Dont worry no animals were harmed in the making of this. I wasnt to sure how to acheive the fur effect as i tried stencils but they still appeared very flat. So i experimented with the amplify tool to get more depth from the fur. If i find out a much better and realistic way of doing the fur i shall come back to this hopefully. Anyway feel free to leave any feedback and advice. Thanks in advance.


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