Sunday, 2 March 2014


So after using brush to sculpt in some form i have finished my creature i went with a mixture of some of the designs. For the topology to run smooth I've modelled the creature with it mouth open. I'm trying a different approach and sculpting and modelling straight in brush then retopoligizing (if thats a word) using zremesher at early stages. I made the mistake of leaving it to the end which resorted to me having to sculpt details again. Its not perfect but it will do for now. The point in this project is more for the experience of the vfx side. So incorporating it into live footage using hdri maps and different lighting to achieve the realism. Here are some snap shots from brush thrown into photoshop. Ive added the tongue into the maya file i have. The teeth look a bit dodgy but this will all be fixed when it comes to lighting and shading later on in the project. Next step is RIGGING! not my strongest point but always good to get some practice in. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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