Friday, 18 October 2013


Sorry i've been not updated in a while. I've been just plodding on with my new project and forgot to update the blog plus all the work to save up pennies for me to hopefully move to london and find a job is getting in the way too.

Anyway I've always loved transformers and always wanted to take a bash at it myself but always felt scared as it looked pretty damn technical. But now i have a car modelled i feel it is time to try and use as much of the knowledge i have gained through university to help get the final result i want. I am wanting to make the car transform while on a Real live plate which will go really well for applying for VFX jobs (I Hope). Anyway I started off with some concept which i feel is helping me t improve my 2d skills as well. As staring at a computer and spending copious amounts of time with Maya can definitely kill brain cells and drawing ability. Anyway here is a concept i conjured up which will probably change a million times. let me know what you think.


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