Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finally loaded the Final

So here is my film from the degree show. The character was modelled for our previous project Aero-sault by myself but due to inner complications we could not complete this project. So i decided to recycle this character and start from scratch. Everything apart from the character was made in a time scale of 5 weeks before my hand in. The time scale was very ambitious but I managed to get their i the end with help from some fellow class mates. Watching it over i see lots of problems but overall im happy with the end results with the conditions the film was made under. I only wish i had started this idea at the start of the year which could of gave me an extra 6 months to work on it but hey ho you life is all about suprises and deadlines. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to give me feedback negative and positive please. The link below will guide you to the film.


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