Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Its been a while since i last updated this so i thought i better. Im currently working on three projects at the minute for my 4th year degree show. My main film is Aero-sault which i am mostly doing all the 3d for. The other two are wee monsters and the keeper. I have been modelling and texturing for wee monsters and texturing for the keeper. As i dont want to just ver load this post with all my up to date work il do it daily until all my up to date work is on this. One of my recent tasks ive finished is my main character Rudy from Aero-sault. Rudy is a free running graffiti artist so he had to come across as colourful, cool and athletic. So here is the finished result after modelling in maya and some sculpting and texturing in mudbox and maya.


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