Sunday, 22 April 2012


its been a while since I've updated my personal blog so that i would treat yous with my digital sketchbook I've made for my animation project just now. It shows my research through my short film I'm working on just now called 'Aero-sault'. Its also yes into styles i like then shows my personal graffiti collection and 3d and 2d work.
Front page 'collage'

runner research

parkour research

guard research

style research

runner concepts

runner/guard concepts

graffiti research

my own graffiti/commisions


3d(maya) work



  1. Looks really nice man! One thing I'd keep in mind is the pure logistics of giving him dreads, might be worth tying them back and having a few loose ones. I'd try to stay away from dynamics as much as possible to be honest. Also, having an open coat/body warmer is a pain. Maybe have it zipped up, even half way so you can still see his body. Looks cool as hell though, just don't want you falling into the same traps as us with the character design.

  2. cheers man those were ma initial designs but we've decide to have shorter dreads with glasses to tie back his hair and his bag is gonna have a chest strap to get rid of all the looseness and well done for being the first person ever to comment on any of my blogs lol